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Creative Color Grading with Apple Color

Color grading is an essential part of every project and Apple Color

brings you the toolset to give your footage the final shine. You

deserve more than "button pushing" training, so Creative Color Grading

with Apple Color takes you beyond the basics of "how" and into the

"what" and the "why" of color grading. The aim of this course is to

take you through the process of problem-solving and designing various

grades that match the issues people face when working with Apple

Color. These include working with difficult footage, matching the

narrative needs of the footage with color design and mastery of the

ColorFX Room and LUTs.

More than EIGHT HOURS of Training and Techniques to Take You to the

Next Level

This in-depth course, hosted by Ben Heusner Brownlee is designed to

quickly bring you up to speed and then show advanced techniques that

open up the power of the application. We use a "Project Model" for our

exercises, so you get to solve both common and complex problems that

you will face when doing correction and grading work. Across THIRTEEN

PROJECTS and over EIGHT HOURS, you'll discover new skills that will

add real value to your own projects.

01. Introduction to the User Interface (36:44)

02. Basic Color Theory (38:18)

03. Qualifiers (40:06)

04. Introduction to the ColorFX Room (25:53)

05. Straight Grades (45:16)

06. Looks That Pop (46:57)

07. Working with Dodgy Clips (50:39)

08. Rebuilding Tonal Ranges (23:50)

09. Creative Black & White (26:03)

10. Creating in the ColorFX Room (31:26)

11. Designing a Look (50:36)

12. Telling the Story (1:05:23)

Creative Color Grading with Apple Color focuses, of course, on Apple

Color. Although their are small trips into Adobe Photoshop, this

software is not needed. All footage and Color Projects (where

appropriate) are included so you can follow along at your own pace.

Color projects are created in Color V1.5 and will open incorrectly in

Color V1.

This course is designed primarily for people who have some

experience either in Apple Color or another color grading application.

The first three exercises are created to make sure that everyone is up

to the same level, before continuing onto the more involved projects.

Just Like Being in the Room

All recordings are made at full HD, 1920x1080 resolution, so you get

the clearest, sharpest view of the action. Coupled with that, the vast

majority of the included sample shots are also Apple ProRes 1080P.