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Phantasmat Collectors Edition

Phantasmat game open as you are driving along an unlit road at a

moonless pitch-dark night. The weather is nasty, it’s pouring cats

and dogs. You are losing control of your car and ditch. Having

survived in this horrible crash, you find yourself in a dark forest.

As you go to search for help, you stumble upon the Drowned Dead Hotel

and its mysterious inhabitants. Once it was a beautiful place and now

it looks terrible and gloomy.

Find out what happened in this place and solve the mystery of the

Drowned Dead Hotel in Phantasmat game. Look for hidden objects in more

than 100 beautiful hand-drawn locations, play challenging puzzles and

mini-games as you explore this sulky town. Phantasmat game features a

unique twist on its gameplay – it’s up to you to choose whether a

hidden object or a match-3 puzzle to play.

Phantasmat Collectors Edition Full Version Advantages:

Horror inspiring storyline to follow

Atmospheric music and fully voiced characters

Three game modes to choose

Dark and engaging mystery to uncover

Choose match-3 or hidden object games to play

Engaging bonus adventure

Original soundtracks

Gorgeous wallpapers

Concept art and more

Multilanguage (EN, DE, FR, PL)