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Native Instruments Transistor Punch Maschine Expansion
TRANSISTOR PUNCH contains a premium selection of drum hits, melodic
synthesizer sounds, advanced multi-effect chains, and pre-programmed
patterns full of dancefloor bounce. Developed by Surround SFX, over
900 samples of one-shot drum and multi-sampled instruments were
created using modern and vintage drum machines and synthesizers as
source material - plus unusual sources such as metal whisky boxes,
glasses full of coffee beans, and ancient Swiss cowbells. The results
are a MASCHINE EXPANSION that adds a carefully-crafted set of new and
instantly useable sounds to your MASCHINE library.
All kits include stunning pre-programmed patterns and several full
MASCHINE projects, several of which were created by Desolat recording
artist and studio mastermind Martin Buttrich, also known for his work
with Loco Dice and Timo Maas, among others.
Additionally, there are 20 advanced effect chains to compliment
these hand-crafted sounds, which already contain tempo- synced effect
sounds that make use of the newly redesigned sound slots in version
1.6 of MASCHINE.
A mind-boggling array of rare and highly sought-after sound sources
were used for TRANSISTOR PUNCH - including the Roland TR-909, PEARL
Syncussion SY-1, TAMA Techstar analog drum modules, Oberheim Xpander,
Alesis Andromeda and Roland Jupiter 6, among many others.
All material was processed via a who of analog and digital
outboard gear such as the Symbolic Sound Kyma/Pacarana, a Neve 1073,
an Elysia Alpha Compressor, Eventide H8000FW processors, and assorted
Lexicon reverbs. The results are fat and dynamic sounds set to add
seriously heavyweight punch to your MASCHINE productions.
TRANSISTOR PUNCH was developed by German sound designer Denis
the man behind Surround SFX, and creator of TRANSISTOR
RHYTHM, developed to complement this MASCHINE EXPANSION. Denis also
created the versatile multi-effect-processors DEEP FREQ and DEEP
RECONSTRUCTIONS for Native Instruments.
WAV samples will work in any DAW or Sampler
Massive presets may not work in Maschine but you should be able to
manual load the samples in it.
You must have MASCHINE 1.6