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Screaming Bee ScriptVOX Studio Personality Voice-Mod

2 MB

SCRIPTVOX STUDIO is easy to use text-to-speech software for writers

that can open up a new window on your creativity. Writers can import a

screenplay, movie script, documentary or even a children’s story.

ScriptVOX will allow you to quickly add voices and images to your

text. You can even save your multimedia presentation and share it with

others. Hear your story: Rapidly assign a unique voice to all your

characters. With the advanced built-in text editor, you can assign

parts to various actors and choose how your characters sound. As your

script is played back, each actor will automatically speak in the

voice you have chosen.

Unlimited number of voices: Writers can create a custom setting for

each actor from a single text-to-speech voice using the powerful

TTS-Morphing engine. The software includes a number of basic

voice-mods free, or you can tweak the existing ones to create a unique

sound for your actors!

Add your own voice: With the Voice-Over Feature, you can add live

vocal recordings or existing voice audio files to your story.

Full-integration with MorphVOX Pro voice changer will let you multiply

your voice talent and record directly to ScriptVOX.

See your story: Writers can add pictures to words or whole blocks of

text and create a storyboard for the script. In short time, you can

see a story, screenplay or movie script visually come to life.

Review your story by saving it as an audio file or as a full

multimedia video file. Create an presentation or demo of your project.

Add Personality to Your Stories. This ScriptVOX Studio add-on

includes six unique sounding voices. Any of your text-to-speech voices

can sound like old Albert or squeaky Mary Jane and more.

Open a Window To Creativity


Customize text-to-speech voices to match the characters in the


Add a storyboard to visualize a narration, screenplay or novel.

Render the story to a multimedia file for an instant demo.