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WinApp IMSI TurboCAD Professional Platinum v-18.1

In addition to including all the tools found in TurboCAD Pro the

Platinum version includes additional advanced mechanical and

architectural design tools such as:

∢Easy to use Quick Pull tool

∢Advanced Pattern Constraints

∢History enabled editing of ACIS objects

∢Numerous parametrically controlled modifiers

∢Advanced Parametric Parts, and parametric symbols including the

Weld Tool, Adhesive Tool, and newly updated Geometric Tolerance Tool

∢Comprehensive door and window styles, now with Window Muntins

∢Parametric Stairs, and enhanced Rails and Rail Styles

∢New x,y,z data input in the Terrain Tool

∢And so much more

Because of the breadth of mechanical and architectural tools, the

Platinum Edition also is perfectly flexible for users whose projects

cross disciplines:

∢Designer-builders and Contractors

∢Electricians and Plumbers

∢Sturctural and HVAC Engineers

∢Plant Designers

∢And more!

TurboCAD Pro Platinum functionality can of course be extended

through one of the many plug-ins for TurboCAD such as Animation Lab,

CAM, Furniture Maker, or the Beam Analysis Tool. In addition, there is

a Software Developers' Kit (SDK) for TurboCAD Pro to allow you to

create your own tools and customize behaviors.