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Mirillis Splash PRO EX 1.9.0


  • Designed and optimized for HD!

Play all your High Definition MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 and VC-1 movies and

camcorder clips, incredibly fast, smooth and without problems. You

about one second to start application and High Definition video


  • Picture x2 - just stunning video quality!

Advanced picture post-processing engine, delivering stunning video

quality. Watch standard and high definition videos like never before,

trial of Splash PRO now and use Demo Mode to see the difference!

  • The best solution for your HD camcorder clips playback!

Rediscover High Definition quality with Splash PRO and

state-of-the-art Picture? technology! Watch your 20/24/25/30p clips

smooth like never before with Motion? technology. Browse your clips

instantly with automatic HD Camcorder playlist created every time you

connect a camcorder to PC.

  • Ultra responsive, stylish and innovative User Interface.

Splash is compact, stylish, user friendly and incredibly fast!

Discover Smart Seek, advanced seek mode designed to find specific

movie scenes without interrupting video playback. Splash provides the

best user experience for video files playback. Designed to enjoy

multimedia the proper way.

  • Featuring Mirillis Codecs.

Ultra fast audio and video decoders designed for your multi-core

processor and graphics card hardware acceleration (GPU). Choose our

optimized low power consumption technologies, save your mobile PC

batteries, money and the environment. You don't need any additional

codecs to play the best quality videos now!

  • Full AVCHD� format support
  • Thumbnail view for playlists added
  • User generated thumbnails added
  • Improved AVCHD camcorder interoperability in HD Camcorder mode
  • Improved MKV playback
  • GUI improvements