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Esko Software Suite version7.5 and Missing Parts

What's on the package?

  • DVD 1
  • DVD 2
  • Deskpack for Illustrator (compatible on CS2,CS3, CS4) did not try

on CS5.

  • Artioscad 7.2 License
  • Video, Barco and All Floating Licenses

What is floating License?

If you are using on Mac PPC/Intel Platform, you need to install

VMware and install windows server. Installation time approxiamately

3-4 hours. You cannot use the deskpack and other licenses if you do

not have a Server. Esko Softwares Suites needs server to communicate

from PC to macintosh. But if you have PC machine, no need to install

VMware software.

bye the way, where do i find VMware? Google is your friend and do

not forget to get serial that came from the SBOX or do a search here

to find that package. There is also a video on how to install step by

step in the package. So, it is easy to anylyse. If you have any

problems, please post it here.

Please before you post any comments AKA

If you are a newbie or don't familiar on the package. Please do not

This package are only to those who are in prepress works especially

in printing industry.

Esko Softwares Suite V7.0 update to 7.5

Esko Software Suite 7 consists of components that packaging

professionals have relied on for years, as well as some innovative new


  • Esko ArtiosCAD 7.20 - for structural design of folding carton and

corrugated packaging and for manufacturing of die-cutting tools.

  • Esko DeskPack 7.0 - the family of packaging plug-ins for Adobe(r)

Creative Suite(r) applications, including the revolutionary 3-dX

design application.

  • Esko PackEdge 7.0 - a powerful PDF editor designed to efficiently

prepare packaging and label jobs for volume reproduction.

  • Esko Plato 7.0 - controls step & repeat operations for packages

and labels, with dramatically extended functionality.

  • Esko BackStage 7.0 - for workflow automation, error-reduction and

JDF-based system integration.

  • Esko FlexRip/FlexProof 7.0 - and associated screening options for

high-quality output to the widest range of CtP devices, digital

presses and proofers, and including the new FlexProof/E.

  • Esko Kaleidoscope 7.0 - best-in-class ICC compatible color

management for multi-color printing.

  • Esko WebCenter 7.0 - for on-line collaboration and efficient

approval workflows.

  • Esko Visualizer 7.0 - breakthrough new dynamic packaging

visualization application to reduce the need for mock-ups and proofs.

  • Esko FastImpose 7.0 - JDF driven sheet layout going beyond

interactive page stripping.

  • Esko Digital Flexo Suite - Significant cost savings through

automated flexo plate optimization, integrating Esko CDI digital flexo

CtP, Esko Kongsberg cutting tables, and third party auto-mounting

devices in an integrated solution.

The full value of each component becomes apparent when used as part

of an integrated Esko solution, such as the new Solution Suites, which

provide the full set of Esko applications required to get started in

each of the main segments of the packaging industry, including

Solution Suites for labels, folding carton, corrugated and flexible


A quick and easy guide on how to install the product (you also need

the video on how to install step by step). To be sure that the package

will fully work.

Part 1

  • Install VMware
  • Install Windows 2003 Server at Vmware Fusion
  • Restart VMware.

Part 2

  • Install the ff: (double check the version below must be


Part 3

  • Open Adobe Illustrator CS4
  • Go to Preferences/EskoArtwork/Server/Setupu Assistant
  • Click the right green Arrow
  • Type the Server (you can find the the name of your server at

VMwares Windows Server)

Go to Command Prompt and type ipconfig /all

  • There you can find the Host Name: (?????) that is your server


  • Type the IP address of your server and click the right green


  • Check "Use SMB instead of AFP (default) protocool to mount

Deskpack share. And click the right green arrow.


User Name: admin

Password: admin

Verify: admin

  • and click the right green arrow.
  • Click go ahead.

10. Done



Password for unpack and install guide included in