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UFS Explorer Standard Recovery 4.9.1

Software supports hard disks, removable storages, disk images,

virtual disks of virtual machines, created with virtualization

software of major vendors. The software mostly targets individual

disks or disk volumes, however UFS Explorer Standard Recovery version

4 supports RAID recovery with RAID Access Plugin - RAID Builder as

well. The key product features include: Multiple styles of disk

partitions layout: Supported all major styles of disk partitions

layout used with supported file systems. RAID recovery: only supported

by version 4 with RAID Access Plugin - RAID Builder. Recovery: lost

file systems recovery, deleted files recovery (undelete), damaged file

systems reconstruction. Localization: UFS Explorer identifies

localized file names even on non-unicode file systems and recognizes

UTF-16, UTF-8 and ASCII with local code pages. Additional features: