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Loopmasters Inland Knights Deep Dub Tech House

Loopmasters are very proud to present a new collection of Deep and

Techy House Sounds from the Inland Knights, one of House music�s

most respected duos. Dj�s, Producers and label owners, Andy Riley

and Laurence Ritchie AKA Inland Knights hail from Nottingham UK, a

city with a rich musical legacy, particularly for House music. In 1998

Laurence and Andy had made the inevitable step into production and the

same year the Dropmusic label was born which has become one of the

most highly regarded house labels in recent years. Andy also records

under the Toka Project pseudonym , and Laurence under the alias Larry


Andy and Laurence have worked hard to provide us with an exclusive

fresh collection of inspiring sounds and samples from their studio

vaults � which we are sure are going to come into use very often for

Producers of Deep, Tech, Dubby and Progressive House music worldwide.

From Smooth Melodic Subs, Live and Filtered Funky Synths, Light Pads

and Subtly Twisted Grooves this pack is full of inspiration and

provides a large sound palette for producers to draw from. Varied Drum

Loops move from Straight House through Slightly Glitched and Wonky

Beats, Old School Electro influences and quirky Side Chained Synths.