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Ashampoo Office Catalog Extension 1.0.0
THE ASHAMPOO OFFICE CATALOG EXTENSION can be used in connection with
Ashampoo Home Designer, Ashampoo Home Designer Pro, Ashampoo 3D CAD
Architecture 3 and Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional 3.
Whether planning a home office or a huge open-plan office,
exact planning is indispensable. This is because ergonomic
demands placed on company workspaces are similar to the ones placed on
home offices.
Efficient work is not only based on a good organization or filing
cabinet. It already starts while planning the workspace. How to
furnish an office in the best possible way? How to co-ordinate
furniture, lighting conditions and technical devices for an efficient
office concept?
In a time where the boundaries between work life and personal life
are melting away, it is important to create an optimal, integral
working environment. An eventful office space not only with
appropriate, but also with an appealing furnishing contributes to the
well-being, and therefore to more creativity and inspiration. Gain
more vitality in the working life with an optimal, ergonomic office
concept on the basis of detailed planning.