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Bully: Scholarship Edition


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Genre: Action, 3D, 3rd Person

Children are malicious and severe - this phenomenon will be

explained by any psychologist. But what to do to on whom teenage

aggression is directed? Vast reasonings of scientists are necessary to

him in the least. Get used to solve children s problems in adults.

Once on campus, forget about life in the civilian world. The new

environment demands other, much more rigid behavior. The university

has its own laws: you can either accept them or perish ...

Together with protagonist Jimmy Hopkins you arrive in academy

Bulvors. Jimmy - the guy not shy ten, repeatedly deducted it from

other educational institutions for fights and hooliganism. But Bulvors

created specially for taming obstinate, so here he will have hard

times. Jim is compelled in severe struggle to defend their right to a

place under the sun. How to be a hard destiny of the hooligan - you



  • Campus - is not like a resort. Jim is pursued constantly various

troubles: that undergraduates will want to scratch fists the fire on

campus happens, and even schoolmates intrigues will arrange. Of all

the troubles you have to be chosen independently, using any means at


  • What the student does not court skirts? Certainly not Jimmy.

Falling in love with a young beauty, it must first attract her

attention, and then win the heart of the ladies. How do I do? Think,

girls love the resourceful!

  • All the secrets of the old academy should be opened. The young man

should spend in school for a year. This time is quite enough to climb

round the ancient body inside and out. Thankfully, freedom of movement

no limits!

  • Organize a cheerful leisure! Educational institution - not fight

club. Besides severe fights there take great interest in sports. Jim

can take part in classical football and basketball competitions, as

well as the test itself in exotic dodge-ball.

  • Swinging fists, do not forget to think a head. On the way restless

pupil there is a lot of puzzles where force will not help - brains are

necessary. Besides Jim should count carefully the expenses, the guy is

seriously limited in means.

  • Teaching - light! Examinations and lectures not to delete from

student life. In Bully: Scholarship Edition you are waiting for four

new courses: biology, geography, mathematics and music.

  • First-class graphics! Compared with the previous version of the

game is much prettier. Boyish fights now look even more spectacular,

but the love scenes - touching.


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  • game version: 1.2
  • Approximate install time: 7 minutes
  • author: MOP030B