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Voxengo Crunchessor VST 2.7


Crunchessor is a general-purpose track compressor AU and VST plugin

for professional audio production applications. One of its main

advantages is the ease of tuning, which at the same time instantly

delivers an excellent sonic performance. Another remarkable feature of

Crunchessor is its valve-type processing, which is applied in parallel

to compression. This makes Crunchessor an ideal choice for musicians

and producers who are fond of analog compression sound and its


Beside this, Crunchessor offers you a selection of compression

coloration styles--by itself a pretty unique feature for a compressor.

By choosing an appropriate coloration style, you can add the character

most suitable for the sound material you are working with. As an

option, you can disable both coloration and valve warming processing

to get a neutral and clean compression sound.

Being a general-purpose compressor, Crunchessor can be used for any

kind of sound material: drums, vocals, bass, guitars, synth sounds,

etc. Crunchessor can be suitable both for single track and whole mix

processing. Crunchessor also accepts external side-chain source

signals and allows you to filter key signal sources before they are

used for compression.