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Native Instruments Vintage Heat Maschine Expansion
VINTAGE HEAT provides a warm and meaty sound character based on
samples from vintage analog gear combined with creative, modern
recording techniques, perfectly in tune with contemporary,
cutting-edge production standards. All samples were lovingly hand
crafted by the renowned New Zealand sample guru Goldbaby, and consist
of 51 kits including drum and percussion samples as well as
multi-sampled melodic synth sounds and dedicated pre-programmed
patterns for each kit.
Audio from the choicest vintage synthesizers and drum machines were
sent through a chain of pure analog outboard gear before being
recorded with state-of-the-art converters into the digital domain.
This highly specialized sample creation method results in a rich and
phat sound - which, combined with the vast sound-shaping possibilities
of MASCHINE 1.6, makes VINTAGE HEAT a surefire way to make your tracks
Goldbaby Productions specialize in being purveyors of quality sample
based instruments. For VINTAGE HEAT, classic machines such as the
Roland TR-808 and EMU SP-12 as well as synths like the Juno-6 and Korg
MS-20 were used as sound sources. The audio signal chain consists of
well known studio standards such as the UBK Fatso and the Roland Space
Echo, as well as items such as an Ampex valve inch
tape machine from the legendary Ekadek studio. Also included are
samples drawn direct from vinyl for that ultra-authentic groove. The
result is a MASCHINE EXPANSION with tons of mojo - warm and phat
sounds that are both instantly contemporary and soaked in vintage