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Hexprobe Hex Editor 4.31

THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL HEX EDITOR for manipulating binary files,

disk drives, and system processes. It offers full basic functionality

to edit the contents of binary files. It provides many extended

functionality to edit the contents of disk drives and processes. It

also supplies some powerful tools to make the hex-byte editing and the

data-pattern analysis quick and easy.


powerful hex editor

View, search, and edit any file of any size on your disk drives

easily and quickly. Import/export C, HTML and formatted text. Convert

hex to dec or dec to hex.

featured disk and process editor

Find in disk/drive and process. Find and repair problems with disk

drives and processes. Manage critical disk sectors with predefined


advanced template technology

Allow any binary file to be mapped with a hierarchical list of

variables that could be understood and edited in a much easier


efficient data analyze and edit

Analyze and edit binary files with powerful tools, such as: Find,

Replace, Find in Files, Compare Files, Bookmark, etc.