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Revolution Under Siege: Russian Civil War 1917-1923

Heroes of the Civil: Red vs. White 1918-1923 - a historical

strategy, dedicated to one of the most tragic and heroic periods in

Russian history. This game is accurate in every detail and with great

attention to detail plays a fratricidal war, raging over 5 years,

Russia monstrous conflagration. Old concepts of honor and nobility

noble goal to save the Great Russia come into conflict with people's

revolution and the Bolshevik ideology and armed conflict - the only

way to resolve the conflict.

Military news of the XX century, born in the inferno of World

Mechanical killer - machine guns, tanks, planes, armored trains - will

gather abundant harvest on the battlefields of the Civil, but the

generalship and the art of diplomatic chief in this war are

immeasurably more important. To fix the infrastructure, establish a

consistent supply of troops, enlist the support of the population and

break the resistance of the enemy - that's your goal in the game

"Heroes of the Civil: Red vs. White 1918-1923."


"Historical Realism: Hundreds of actually existing officers and arms

carefully moved to the game;

"Large selection of the opposing sides: the Red Army led by Trotsky,

the counter-revolutionary forces of General Denikin, Kolchak, Siberian

troops, white and red Finns, the Polish army, Marshal Pilsudski;

"Large-scale military operations in the vast area from Poland to the


"The repression, rebellion and requisition - policy instruments:

conquer the popular support or hold him to a ruthless dictatorship of

the nail;

"All available weapons era airplanes, tanks, armored, infantry and


"The ability to change the history of Russia, by selecting the

scenario of" what if? "


v OS: Windows XP / Vista - DirectX 9.0c or more

v Processor: Dual Core (XP: Single Core)

v Memory: 3 Gb

v Video: 256 Mb VRAM compatible with DirectX 9.0c (NVIDIA GeForce FX

6600 or ATI Radeon X800)

v Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

v Free space: 2 Gb


  • Nothing is converted / not cut
  • Installation Redistributables: DX9, MV C + + (optional)
  • Installed the crack (textures / text) from Akella
  • Installation time: ~ 6 min.
  • Author RePack'a: fatal2266