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Lynda com Layouts with CSS in Dreamweaver-QUASAR

QUASAR group released another interesting course from

This one shows you how to use the combined power of Dreamweaver and

CSS to create compelling, easy-to-maintain web page layouts.

After demonstrating how to maximize Dreamweaver’s built-in

layouts (including HTML5 layouts), author Joseph Lowery reviews

essential layout concepts such as the box model, document flow, and

the proper use of floats. Next, the course covers how to develop an

array of basic 2- and 3-column layouts from the ground up, and then

how to customize them with advanced features like CSS3 rounded

corners, faux columns, and Spry widgets. The course concludes with a

demonstration of techniques for converting a desktop layout to one

better suited for tablets and smart phones. Exercise files are

included with the course. Exercise files are included with the course.


  • Exploring HTML5 templates in Dreamweaver
  • Understanding document flow
  • Using floats properly
  • Resetting CSS styles
  • Creating a 1-, 2-, or 3-column layout
  • Deciding on a fixed width versus variable width design
  • Coding layouts for HTML5 and CSS 3
  • Incorporating floated elements
  • Applying the faux column technique
  • Using Spry widgets
  • Using Multiscreen Preview
  • Modifying desktop layout for tablets
  • Developing smart phone layouts