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SONiVOX Sampla HipHop Samplerv 1.2

Sampla is a professional Hip Hop production solution for those of you

eager to make your mark on the world. Whether you're ripping from

vinyl, importing loops, building your own badass drums, or simply

jamming on one of over 200 included instruments, Sampla's got you

covered. Like a sharp and shiny Swiss army knife glistening

seductively in your production toolbox, Sampla can carve up anything

you can dream of.

So dream big. Whether you're a novice or a certified tweak head,

Sampla's intuitive interface and feature set puts you in control

without having to leave your creative headspace. Full featured

waveform editing, auto and manual slicing of samples, auto and manual

keymapping, per-sample synth editing and loads more. We even give you

a turbo-charged pattern generator, like an arpeggiator that lets you

choose your own notes. Best of all, Sampla's powerful features are

easy to find and right under your fingertips. Staying creative has

never been so easy.

Sampla Includes:

  • 3.5 Gigabytes of Sounds
  • 200 + Instruments
  • 50 + Pad Layouts


  • MPC style editing & slicing for easy instrument & beat creation
  • Imports Wav, Acid, Broadcast Wav, Aiff, & MP3 Format Files
  • Actually Records Samples, thats right finally a soft sampler that

actually samples.....

  • Over 250 factory preset instruments and pad layouts
  • 16 user assignable pads
  • Tempo Sync Stereo Delay, EQ, and Chorus Effects
  • Assignable filter section with 10 filter types
  • Graphic waveform display with zoom functionality
  • Midi Learn & Save functionality, Sampla is instantly compatible

with any MIDI keyboard or pad control

  • Pad-Specific Variable Resolution Note Repeat and Pattern Mode
  • Does tons of other amazing stuff..... (won't make you coffee