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WhiteSmoke Writer 2011

All Features Grammar Checker Check your grammar to perfection. The

most powerful grammar checker on the market detects and corrects a

huge range of hard-to-spot errors. Grammar Explanations Any grammar

error that is corrected by Writer 2011 also comes with an explanation

that explains the grammar rule behind the error.Write confidently and

learn from your mistakes. Style Checker Enhance your sentences with

alternate words and phrasing, including alerts for informal language.

Dictionary-Thesaurus An easy-to-use one-click dictionary-thesaurus

gives you instant access to definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and

idiomatic phrases. Spell Checker Writer 2011 spell checker can detect

typos and common spelling mistakes, as well as correctly spelled words

used in the wrong context. Letter and Document Templates Never be

stuck for words - hundreds of letter templates are available to help

you get started on any letter or document you need to write. Writing

Review Writer 2011 not only corrects your text - it gives you detailed

information about your writing in order to help you improve. Who Uses

WhiteSmoke Writer 2011? WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 is used by children at

school, adults in the workplace, by people learning English as a

second language, and by corporate professionals writing business

reports and documentation. Anyone who is writing English, either

online or on the desktop, can benefit from WhiteSmoke Writer 2011 text