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Megatech MegaCAD 2D 3D 2011

MEGACAD 3D is the ideal synthesis of an innovative solid and surface

modeling system and a full-feature 2D drafting program. If you are

developing your model in 3D or if you are drawing a 2D design, each

step will automatically be transferred from one dimension into the

other one.�

MEGACAD 2D is a professional design and drafting tool for

practitioners. Its suitability for everyday use has been regularly

proven by its successful application in widely different types of

business. MegaCAD is packed with new and enhanced features that help

you create design data even more quickly than you are used to anyway.


Learning MegaCAD is easy. Due to its intuitive interface, even

beginners will achieve professional results in just a few days. This

will also benefit the occasional user who will be able to acquire the

necessary skills quickly and efficiently with the minimum amount of



MegaCAD has a self-explanatory and context sensitive user interface

which can, if required, be individually customized and stored in one

or more user profiles. For each menu item, an explanatory note can be

directly called up. Intelligent management routines ensure that the

display only ever shows the menus which are meaningful or necessary

for the current work step. Simultaneous use of a keyboard and a mouse

make it quick and efficient to work with.


All drawings which were completed in MegaCAD can be partly or

completely defined as parametric where non-defined dimensions will be

seen as constants. Geometric relations can also be automatically

identified. MegaCAD uses dimensions instead of a programming language

to define parts. The built-in intelligence automatically infers rules

about tangency, perpendicularity and symmetry. It does not require any

programming knowledge.

Megatech MegaCAD 2D 2011

� Megatech MegaCAD 3D 2011