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Lynda com Up and Running with Photoshop for Design-QUASAR

QUASAR with another Lynda tutorial.


Up and Running with Photoshop for Design is a streamlined

introduction to Adobe’s flagship image-editing application,

specifically geared to lovers of graphic art and design. Expert Deke

McClelland shows how to make designs and artwork come alive, in the

shortest time possible. The course covers the basics of selections,

masks, layers, type, effects, painting, and smart objects. Exercise

files accompany the course.


  • Getting around an image
  • Creating accurate selections
  • Creating a layered composition
  • Scaling and rotating layers
  • Creating realistic layer effects
  • Painting with the brush tool
  • Tracing outlines with the pen tool
  • Creating editable effects with smart filters
  • Saving an image and preparing it for print