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TrackMania: Sunrise Extreme


14, 2005

When I reviewed the original TrackMania, I had a pretty long list of

things about it that didn't sit right with me--and I'll just say right

off that, to their credit, Nadeo really seemed to go back to the

drawing board for Sunrise and revamp the whole shindig from head to

toe. It looks better, it plays better, and it even sounds better this

time around. For those of you knew to the series, it's based around

designing your own tracks, racing on some potentially crazy pre-made

tracks, sharing tracks with others, and beating all kinds of time

trials. There's a lot of variety, the tracks can be very

larger-than-life, and it's easy to sit down and play for short periods

of time.

One of my major complaints about the previous installment was that

the track creation tools didn't make much use of the mouse at all.

With a 3D environment, it can be awkward to navigate the scene with

only keyboard commands. Sunrise fully integrates the mouse now, and

it's much smoother and faster. With the brand-new camera control, you

can zoom in and out, pan around, and get a much better sense of what

you're building and how it fits together. Since track creation is such

a touted feature, it's great to have work so nicely now. Of course,

creating something that looks cool doesn't always mean it's going to

make for a good track, but that's not really Nadeo's fault.

Another previous reservation I had was that it felt too much like

toy cars on toy tracks. The cars felt too light and the tracks felt

small and wickedly curved. Well, they've given a lot more weight to

the vehicles and the roads feel much wider. You'll still get some

crazy jumps, gaps, leaps and hairpin turns, but it's a definite

improvement in the feel department. You'll still find yourself running

into obstacles and overshooting targets simply because you're driving

too fast, which leads to some trial-and-error gameplay, but it's not

as prevalent as before. At any rate, it's more fun to race, and

Sunrise features some truly jaw-dropping track sections.

The graphics also got an overhaul, to the point where things can

actually start to get a little chunky if I max everything out. Motion

blur seems to be the culprit here, but you can disable this feature.

The textures look sharper, the cars shinier, and the view distance

longer. There's a pleasing amount of graphical options to tweak to

your rig's performance capability. You can also customize your vehicle

to a pleasing degree, although there's still only three vehicles to

choose from. There's also still no collision detection, unfortunately,

or damage modeling (cosmetic or otherwise), and high-speed turns are

still very grippy, but it's a sight better than the plastic feel of

the original. I'd really like to see some collision detection, but

that would probably mean reworking the tracks again, as there are many

sections where you just have to have your car just so in order to

clear the next hurdle it throws at you.

In fact, it's very difficult to complete the track in a way other

than the designers seem to intend, and there isn't much margin for

flexibility. Like the original, it's very easy to go flying off the

track, and sometimes impossible to get back on. You can restart from

the last check point, of course--but almost all the races are timed,

and you must win in order to unlock other tracks. Sunrise is,

unfortunately, very big on unlocking tracks, and you must race

near-perfectly to get that vaunted gold medal. You'll have to get 1st

place on a lot of genuinely challenging and sometimes aggravating

tracks, and that doesn't actually guarantee the gold. The gold is

gained by beating a certain time, instead of simply getting to the

finish line first.


  • Exhilarating new vehicles that can reach an incredible 400kph.
  • Stunning new environments to screech around.
  • Two new solo modes: Platform and Crazy
  • An integrated peer-to-peer network for exchanging player


  • Fully customisable car skins and player avatars.
  • Extensive content support from an existing online community.
  • Minimal tech spec requirements.
  • Really fast cars driving on outrageous tracks in a beautiful



1- Extract Rar File

2- Mount ISO file with DAEMON Tools (Or whatever)

3- Click "TmSunriseSetup.exe" to Instal the Game

5- Use Keygen to Activate the game

6- Copy All Content Crack folder to the folder game directory

7- Play )

NOTE : Follow instructions & the game will be installed succefully



  • Os : Windows@98/ME/2000/Windows@XP
  • Processor : CPU Intel Pentium 3 @ 500 MHz or higher
  • Memory : 128 MB Of RAM
  • Video card : 64 MB
  • Sound Card : Compatible with DirectX 9.0b
  • HDD : 1 GB Free Space Drive
  • DirectX : DirectX@ 9.0b
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • CD/DVD-ROM Drive


  • Os : Windows@98/ME/2000/Windows@XP
  • Processor : CPU Intel Pentium 3 @ 1 GHz or higher
  • Memory : 256 MB Of RAM
  • Video card : 128 MB
  • Sound Card : Compatible with DirectX 9.0b
  • HDD : 1 GB Free Space Drive
  • DirectX : DirectX@ 9.0b
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • CD/DVD-ROM Drive

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