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Rosetta Stone Master Collection 3.4.7

The company uses specially developed technology Dynamic Immersion

(dynamic immersion) using a computer is used to simulate a living

environment that allows you to learn a foreign language as you have

mastered in childhood, their mother tongue without regulations, by

full immersion, multiple repetition and the formation of association

of a number of different areas of life, with the development patterns

and automatisms in principle from the simple to complex, from a

practical perception of writing, and pronunciation rules, which allows

to achieve the goals of learning the language even faster than you can


  • Very easy to use interface tutorial pronunciation!

Show-scale, and scores - see if you in the right frame of

pronunciation or not.

In addition to language-English (American) attached auxiliary audio

material Audio Companion

Present-manual for setting up headphone, microphone, and at the

program in different languages ​​(not Russian)

Separately-enabled update to version 3.4.7

6 + 2 language dialects:

English (American) 1-5 Levels

English (UK, British) 1-3 Levels

Chinesse (Mandarin) 1-3 Levels

French 1-3 Levels

German 1-5 Levels

Italian 1-3 levels

Japanesse 1-3 Levels

Spanish (Latin American) 1-5 Levels

Spanish (Spain) 1-3 Levels

For each additional language version of the text attached to all

suggestions, exercises, as an auxiliary material in PDF.

Title: Rosetta Stone

Version: ENG, DEU, FRA, ITA, JPN, CHN, SPA 2011

License: Other

Operating system: Windows

Language: English

All included

Size: 14.5 Gb