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Coolutils TiffPdfCleaner 1.3.55

TIFFPDFCLEANER - Everybody who ever dealt with scanned tiff and pdf

file encountered a problem of blank pages. These blank pages are

always hidden among other pages with information and are very hard to

find. Tiff and Pdf Cleaner detects blank pages in TIFF and PDF files

and deletes them. The most important thing about it is that Tiff and

Pdf Cleaner can delete blank pages in large amount of files. You just

set the folder and leave it do the job. Once you tell it to process,

it goes through the designated folders and searches every TIFF or PDF

file in the folders and removes blank pages. On top of that you can

set even several folders - Tiff Pdf Cleaner will process images

recursively (process sub-directories). And it can keep the folder

structure in the output location.

Tiff Pdf Cleaner can delete the unnecessary black border from you

scanned files (black border on white background only). The program

supports both color PDF/A, and bitonal TIFF documents. Besides, Tiff

Pdf Cleaner will convert PDF to TIFF and vice versa for you during


You can set the workspace to analyze. In other words you tell the

program what exact workspace must be blank to delete the page as the

blank one. That's most convenient as blank faxes still have footers or

headers and other software will not detect them as blank.

Need to add date or page numbers to each PDF page? Tiff Pdf Cleaner

will do that too. You may also get the summary of what Tiff Pdf

Cleaner did in History Journal. After the process of deleting blank

pages is over Tiff Pdf Cleaner will tell you what files it processed

and how many pages it detected and deleted. In case of any errors

there will be a note about them in History Journal too.