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Tonehammer Bowed Grand Piano Kontakt-DVDriSO

The library is more ambient then our Emotional Piano and Plucked

Grand Piano, since the concept of bowed piano tends to go in the more

ambient/drony direction. We bowed every single string on a world class

grand, including both sustains and staccato notes. We then did a

variety of ambient recordings and started developing an entire drone

section of the library, which is all based on source material from the

piano. In addition we added a massive FX section to the library, which

contains tons of string glisses, scrapes, scary slams and percussive

FX etc. We also programmed specific artificial legato, so users can

experiment by using legato on the instrument.

As die-hard art-weirdoes and do-it-yourselfers, we here at

Tonehammer are big fans of some of the early classic piano

experimentalism of the mid-20th century, where a few brave musical

souls began to peel back the more rigid layers of instrumental dogma

that had encrusted musical theory over roughly the previous 100 years.

Just as musical traditions are built over time, so must they

inevitably and righteously be again dismantled for the good of the art

form. This library is the second part of a 2-volume set that explores

the �Emotional Piano� in a few �classic� unusual ways. This

volume is dedicated to bowed, as well as glisses, scrapes and other

effect.We captured super-long sustains on every note, with separate

attack and release samples using a 3-meter-long deep sea fishing line

to capture the bowed notes.We then used picks, fingers, fingernails,

mallets and other odds and ends to scrape, sweep, strike, grind and

otherwise abuse the stings for our effects section.Then, we dove even

deeper into the sound, creating a huge pallet of custom drones,

ambiences and tonal pad instruments, as well as a broad interface

packed full of of custom performance, tone and effect controls to

allow plenty of creative freedom. After spending so much time and

effort searching out the right piano for our Emotional Piano library,

we decided to keep it around for awhile longer.There were just some

things that needed to be done to it. The odd thing about bowing a

piano string is that it sounds completely different than you would

think it should. It�s a hard, grinding and overtone- rich sound very

different from the mammoth super-cello that your mind expects to hear.

As clean and precise as a piano is when played normally, bowing it

reveals a whole different beast. The hard steel and brass-wound

strings are much more apt to produce sinister sounds than the smooth

glide of a typical bowed instrument. It growls, rumbles, pierces and

evokes all manner of harmonics, overtones and undertones. Notes bend

and undulate deeply and the entire flavor of the piano can shift from

one string to the next.

�Deep Sampled Bowed Grand Piano

�Powerful custom performance control interface:

?Legato mode

?Attack, offset, release control

?Dynamics / velocity control

?Dampening control, with pedal flip button for instant �harp�


?Convolution reverb control (includes +45 great custom convolutions)

�Full and lite patches for CPU conservation

�Different sustain types and staccato (with RR)

�Bowed Drones

�Bonus: Piano FX

�47 Kontakt Patches

�891 Samples

�Approx. 1.4 GB installed (Lossless NCW compression (2:1 ratio)

�Custom Kontakt scripting

�Custom Convolutions

�Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav format

�Format(s): Kontakt

�Note: Native Instruments Kontakt version 4.1.1+ full retail

versions required

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